June 21, 2024

These 20 companies are hiring a ton of tech workers

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Career site Indeed put together a list with recent job posting data of the places hiring tech job seekers.Four of the top 20 are part of financial services; that includes PwC, which ranked No. 2 on the list.Deloitte ranked at the top — with 1,774 new tech job postings per 1 million based on Indeed’s data.

Deloitte and PwC are two companies leading the way in looking for tech workers according to a recent analysis from job site Indeed.

With recently laid off people tweaking their résumés with their previous job experience and trying to figure out their next steps, they may be interested in places with high shares of new tech postings highlighted in Indeed’s latest list.

Scott Dobroski, a career expert at Indeed, told Insider that the career site decided to create this list of companies because of Indeed’s mission “to help people get jobs.” 

“In the tech industry in particular, there have been a number of layoffs that affect workers all around the United States,” Dobroski said. “And so to help people get jobs, we really wanted to identify 20 companies that are seeing growth in tech jobs over the past two weeks to help tech workers know where they may have some great options in terms of getting hired.”

Various companies in the tech industry are laying off workers. Meta, Amazon, Twitter, Lyft, and other tech companies have recently announced layoffs. Other companies outside of the tech space have also made layoff plans.

To be part of the top of Indeed’s new list, the companies had to “have the highest share of new tech job postings” among all US job openings between November 18 to December 2.

Based on this methodology, Deloitte led the list with 1,774 new tech job postings per 1 million jobs on the site.

“Deloitte as a management and consulting company is doing quite well right now, and they need tech workers,” Dobroski said. “This really shouldn’t be a huge surprise when you look at the type of consulting that Deloitte specializes in.”

PwC and Accenture followed behind Deloitte in the job posting ranking.

“They’re not traditional tech companies, but they really assist and support and consult so many other companies that are trying to up level their tech presence,” Dobroski said about the top three.

Some industry trends emerge from the top 20. Six of the 20 top employers fall into the information technology industry, such as Cognizant Technology Solutions. Six others are considered part of the aerospace and defense industry, such as Northrop Grumman. Four of the top 20 are part of financial services. That includes the ranking’s No.2 company: PwC.

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Outside of Indeed’s job postings and ranking, the US has lots of job openings waiting to be filled amid what can still be considered a thriving labor market. The information sector alone, which includes a large part of the tech sector along with other industries, had 226,000 job openings in October or a rate of 6.9%. That’s higher than the overall rate of 6.3%. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows layoffs are pretty low even in the information sector.

“Despite recent layoffs in the tech industry, the labor market is still relatively healthy and it continues to hold steady, and unemployed workers are still finding jobs at elevated rates,” Dobroski said.

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