June 21, 2024
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Instagram stories have become an incredibly popular way for people to connect and share their lives, experiences, and opinions with their followers. With the rise of Instagram stories has come the need for basic design guidelines to help create visually appealing stories that stand out from the rest.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the basic design guidelines for creating Instagram stories, including tips on how to use visuals, colors, fonts, and layouts to create an effective story. It will also discuss how to incorporate text into stories, and how to use videos and other interactive features to bring stories to life.

By following these guidelines, businesses and individuals can create eye-catching stories that their followers will be eager to engage with.

Tips for Crafting Eye-Catching Instagram Story Designs

  • Choose eye-catching visuals: Using visually appealing imagery can help draw attention to your Instagram Stories. Try to use high-quality visuals that are relevant and interesting to your followers.
  • Utilize creative fonts: Incorporating fun and unique fonts into your Instagram Stories can help them stand out. Look for fonts that are easy to read and ones that match the aesthetic of your brand.
  • Use color to your advantage: Color can be a powerful tool when it comes to creating eye-catching Instagram Story designs. Choose colors that are visually appealing and that will help draw attention to your content.
  • Consider animation: Adding motion to your Instagram Stories can help make them even more eye-catching. Animations can be a great way to draw attention to important information or to highlight key features of your brand.
  • Try creative layouts: Experimenting with different layouts can help you create compelling and unique designs for your Instagram Stories. Play around with different layouts and see what works best for you and your followers.
  • Incorporate interactive elements: Incorporating interactive elements into your Instagram Stories can be a great way to engage with your followers. Consider using polls, quizzes, and other interactive features to make your Stories more engaging.

Guidelines to Follow for a Professional Look on Your Instagram Stories

  • Maintain a consistent aesthetic: Having a consistent look and feel to your Instagram Stories will help ensure that your followers know it’s you and will help you stand out from the crowd. Consider using the same colors, fonts, and filters for each post.
  • Use high-quality images: When you post images in your Instagram Stories, make sure they are high-quality and professional-looking. This will ensure that your content looks professional and polished.
  • Add a call to action: Make sure to include a call to action in your Instagram Stories, such as a link to your website, a sign-up page, or a product page. This can help increase engagement and potentially drive more sales.
  • Be mindful of your language: Use professional language when crafting your Instagram Stories. Avoid using slang, profanity, or other unprofessional language.
  • Keep your stories concise: Make sure to get your point across without being overly wordy. Keep your stories concise and to the point.
  • Tag relevant accounts: Tag other relevant accounts in your Instagram Stories to help increase your visibility and reach.
  • Respond to comments: Make sure to respond to comments and messages in a timely manner. This will help show your followers that you value their feedback and comments.
  • Utilize polls and quizzes: Incorporating polls and quizzes into your Instagram Stories is a great way to engage with your followers and get feedback on your content.
  • Add graphics: Adding interesting graphics to your Instagram Stories is a great way to make them stand out and capture the attention of your followers.
  • Promote your stories: Make sure to promote your Instagram Stories to maximize their reach. You can do this by linking them to other social media platforms and by using relevant hashtags.

How to Use Fonts, Colors, and Shapes to Enhance Your Instagram Story Design

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to engage with your audience. With the right design elements, you can create an eye-catching story that will draw people in and keep them engaged. Using fonts, colors, and shapes can help you to enhance your Instagram story design.


Choosing the right font is essential for creating a great Instagram story. Consider the tone of your story and choose a font that complements it. You may want to use a bold font to create emphasis or a delicate font to create a soft, romantic feeling. Experiment with different fonts and find the one that best fits the story you’re telling.


Colors are an important part of any design. They can help to create a mood, set the tone, and draw the eye to certain elements. Consider the colors you use in your Instagram story carefully. Choose a color palette that reflects the tone of your story and complements the font you’ve chosen.


Shapes can be used to create visual interest in your Instagram story and help to draw the eye to certain elements. Consider using shapes to highlight important text or to divide sections of your story. Be creative with the shapes you use and play around with different combinations to create a unique design.

By using fonts, colors, and shapes, you can create a unique and engaging Instagram story that captures your audience’s attention. Experiment with different design elements and find the combination that works best for your story.

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