May 30, 2024

The Allure Of The Chase: Why People Are Drawn To Collecting 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars

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One of the things I love about coin collecting has nothing to do with what coins I have. My curiosity really gets perked at why people are drawn to certain coins. Sure, you can broadstroke answer “history”, but that’s just part of it. Most people get hyper focused on certain elements.

Yes, I myself have been caught in the allure of the 1921 Morgan silver dollar. I know for most collectors they’re captivated by Lady Liberty. For me it’s all about my country’s eagle on the backside. This sacred and holy animal is so encouraging to me. I feel its strength when I hold these coins.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes this line of coinage so special to the hearts of coin collectors across America.

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Has Unique Die Casts

Anytime you get interesting variations in coins there’s usually a price bump that goes along with them. The 1921 has several from each minting location making it more unique. I’ve met individuals who hunt this coin heavily and have several rare variations.

I myself would like to find the “VAM-1A TRU-T” variation because it has a T shape in the eagle’s tail feathers. Anything that has a distinct difference around the eagle always catches my eye. Maybe that’s true of most collectors as it’s an extremely popular version of the ‘21 Morgan.

Coins Considered “Gem” Condition Can Usher In Thousands

When you can catch an uncirculated 1921 Morgan that’s of superior quality, you’ve basically struck gold. These “gem” condition coins can bring a seller thousands when put up for sale in front of the right buyers. Coins of this calibur will have been in pristine condition with excellent strike.

I always take the time to search for good deals online. There are a few sites I have saved that I browse regularly. Sometimes you can even get lucky at estate sales. It’s always worth looking around every few days or so to see what’s going on in the market. You never know when you can catch a slammin deal.

An End of An Era With the 1921 Morgan

One huge thing that makes this coin so special, is it’s the last of its kind. After the 1921 line, no other Morgan silver dollars were created. You’re really getting a piece of history when you bring home this beauty.

I’ve met people who are working on getting every single release of the Morgan. I don’t blame them. Their silver content alone makes these coins worth going after. They’ll always keep value because of how pure the silver content is.

Let Yourself Get Caught Up With the Morgan

Now I’m sure you can see, the 1921 Morgan silver dollar is so charming and full of history, it’s a delight to have in your collection. You will definitely have a conversation piece if you get some of the more rare editions. Resells are easy and this coin holds its value. Truly a fantastic piece to consider.

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